About Velstand Capital

Velstand Capital ApS is a Danish company who provides international investors with direct access to transparent, secure, and effective wealth management solutions used by the Danish financial industry.


About Founder

Vitali Butbaev, Founder of Velstand Capital Aps

Velstand Capital Founder Vitali Butbaev has extensive experience in Investment Banking. For more than 13 years he worked in Saxo Bank A/S, a premier Danish online investment bank, where he served as a Senior Executive.

Vitali has graduated Global Executive MBA program TRIUM, which is one of the world’s top-ranked EMBA programs. He studied at London School of Economics, NYU Stern School of business and HEC. Vitali learned investments, risk, and corporate finance – from some of the world’s finance geniuses -  Edward I. Altman, Aswath Damodaran and many others.

Vitali is passionate about helping international investors discover Denmark and Danish financial products and services, especially those, which combine advantages of Danish ways of doing business: transparent, rational, trustworthy.


About Denmark

We live in a world today that is most connected than ever before. While this can bring challenges at times, it is also truly wonderful as we have the chance to learn and grow from the examples of others. The culture of Denmark is an especially fantastic example of this.

With a fantastic reputation as an open, free, and fair democratic society, Denmark is a top European nation for living and doing business. It is not just government and diplomacy that makes Denmark so special though, its culture is also interesting and diverse. Let’s look a little more now in detail about what makes Denmark and the Danish people so special and unique.