Danish Hygge

As wonderful as Danish government and business is, so too is Denmark’s lifestyle and culture. The best example of this is Hygge. Roughly translating to mean cosiness, Hygge is an important concept to Danish life and society. While it has many examples, at its basic level there is a common thread for all parts of Danish culture that involve Hygge: happiness and enjoyment in your surroundings.

As a result, Hygge is a part of Danish life that flows through work, entertainment, and the social life of Danes. While many things can be Hygge - and it is a concept that is community-based but also very individual and personal - the food traditions of Danes, and the weather of Denmark play a huge role in Hygge.

Accordingly, candles, fireplaces, roast dinners, warm wool sweaters and blankets, and drinks like hot chocolate are all key examples of Hygge; and things so many people come to love when living in Denmark.

Dasha Eesti