Today, Danish designs are seen with small furniture pieces in living rooms all the way to giant landmarks around the world. The strength of Danish society has also seen it emerge as a really tremendous society for creativity and design. In Europe and around the world, Denmark has become famous and received many awards for its unique and attractive design culture.

What makes Danish design so special is the unique mix of cultures that have been introduced as influences upon the creative ideas of Danish designers. Danish design offers a mix of modern fashion that is most often seen in the UK and the USA, while also displaying a loyalty to traditional Eastern European concepts that have seen Danish design come to offer ‘the best of both worlds’ as a leader in bringing together East and West.

Many fans of fashion and design will know the iconic egg chair is a Danish design, but so too the PH lamps that sit over dining room tables - and even the famous Eames Chair, that was designed by an American but influenced by Denmark’s culture - but that is not all. All the way across the world in Australia sits the most famous piece of Danish design: the Sydney Opera House.

In Denmark and across the globe, Danish design is wonderful and truly unforgettable.

As a transparent and open democratic society, Denmark represents some of the very best examples of good governance and business in the world today. In turn, it is also a nation and society with a unique and special culture, able to offer a fantastic lifestyle and enjoyment of Danish living alongside its politics and commerce.

That’s why it's true: there has never been a more exciting time to live and do business in Denmark.

Dasha Eesti