Leif Calundann Larsen – lecturer, MA


“I'm nearing the age where my pension terms should be put under scrutiny for a last time, before the event occurs. Being a layman on the financial market, and as I lost any remaining trust in a bank advisor being anything other than a salesman, in part due to the crashes in Roskilde Bank, Fionia etc. I began looking for an impartial advisor. In this way, I got in touch with Rune Wagenitz Sørensen. 
I have now had a review of my savings and received advice on how to invest my pension. By doing this, I have had my capital put in stocks and bonds in inexpensive investment funds as well as a few bonds. I have therefore saved quite a lot of money in administrative fees when compared to the investment funds that were recommended to me by my bank. And I receive a somewhat higher return on the bonds that Miranova has suggested to me than on the high interest account which is provided to me by my bank. In this way, I have had a lot of benefit from receiving impartial advice. I have also felt quite comfortable about it, as Miranova – contrary to the bank – is ”my” man, all the way through.”

Dasha Eesti