Mette Nørgaard, personal advisor and coach


“After having been subjected to various sorts of asset management advice from my bank without feeling that it had made any positive impact, I decided to look for an impartial advisor. I spoke with a few. And eventually, I chose Miranova. They offered me a brief, no-strings-attached meeting, so I could see whether they were the right people for me. After having talked for half an hour, we agreed upon a proper meeting. The outcome of this meeting was that Rune W. Sørensen advised me to go cash and to pay off my debts. Even though this meant that I would no longer need Miranova's services! This came as a bit of a surprise to me. 

I followed the advice, and I must say that it felt really good. I'm glad that I did it, and if I had stayed with my bank, this wouldn't have happened. This has given me a proper overview of things, and my concerns about my economy are gone. I liked the open and honest approach with which the advice was provided, and the fact that their advice actually meant that they would lose me as a client just made it even more credible.”

Dasha Eesti