“While searching the net for impartial investment advice, I ”stumbled upon” Miranova´s investment test. A short time after I had completed the test, I was contacted by Paolo, who offered me free advice in my own home by one of the two partners in the company. 
I received a visit from Rune, who introduced Miranova´s ”Presentation of impartial, modern wealth management”. With his educational background, and a competent and sympathetic manner, Rune quickly gained my trust in relation to himself as well as the product, and I made the decision to start a cooperation. When the papers were to be signed, I received a visit from Paolo, who had the same educational background and who made an equally competent and confidence-inspiring impression on me. 
The result of our collaboration will be a restructuring of my instalment pension plan into a portfolio with an agreed targeted returns and risk profile.”

Dasha Eesti